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Dependence of LHC observables on parton distribution functions

On this webpage, we present typical LHC cross sections computed using computed with 2015 PDF4LHC [hep-ph/1510.03865v1], ABM 2012, CT14, HERA2.0, MMTH14 and NNPDF3.0 parton distributions. Hard scattering cross sections are calculated at (N)LO using MCFM or APPLgrid interface to aMCFast.

Authors: Bo-Ting Wang, Keping Xie, P. M. Nadolsky (

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J. Gao, J. Huston, T.-J. Hou, P.M. Nadolsky, B. T. Wang and K. P. Xie
Construction and phenomenological applications of PDF4LHC parton distributions
in Proceedings of 9th Les Houches Workshop on Physics at TeV Colliders (PhysTeV 2015), Les Houches, France, June 2015
arXiv: 1605.04692 [hep-ph], page 13